Indian Folk Songs

Folk Songs Of India
India is a land of cultural diversities.The extreme cultural diversity creates endless varieties of folk styles, every region in India has its own form of folk music. The realm of traditional folk music in India is very large and it is basically a countryside representation of the urban Indian society. Folk music is a mere rustic reflection of the larger Indian society, tribal music often represents cultures that are very different. Folk music is more like a daily ritual without affecting the daily lives of people. People learn it since their childhood and grow up on these songs. Most of the songs are sung in small village functions like weddings, births, etc.  There is a plethora of songs for such occasions. There are also many songs associated with planting and harvesting. In these activities the villagers routinely sing of their hopes, fears and aspirations. Folk music also uses a number of instruments like daf, dholak or nal, ektara, dotar, saringda, rabab and santur. Not all regions use the same instrument. In fact, the same instrument may not even be called by the same name every where. Most of these instruments are made of easily available material like bamboo, clay pots, empty coconut shells, etc. Most of the folk music in India is dance oriented and many popular forms of dance like Dandiya, Lavani, Garba, etc. are danced along the tunes of popular folk music. They are very enjoyable, as most of them very catchy tunes.
Following Are the list of folk songs of India :-
Andhra Pradesh
  • Madiga Dappu
  • Mala Jamidika
  • Bihugeet
  • Lokageet
  • Tokarigeet
  • Pandavani
  • Bhavageete
  • Dollu Kunita
  • Veeragase
  • Lavani
  • Punjab
  • Bhangra
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Naatupura
  • Paatu
Madhya Pradesh
  • Rai
  • Banra
  • Vivah
  • Kajri
  • Gaari
West Bengal
  • Baul
  • Bhatiali
  • Bhadu
  • Bhawayia
  • Saari

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