Tippani Folk Dance of Gujarat

Tippani  Dance

Tippani Dance originated from the chorwad region of Saurashtra in Gujarat.

In this dance, women labourers those are engage in creation work clout on the ground with lengthy sticks named as ‘Tippani’. The rod has iron/wood piece at one end, to make it stronger in opposite rows. This makes the dance different and popular in Saurashtra. The dance starts gradually, through the Beating and singing of the earth done in the identical rhythm. As the rapidity speed up, the dancers alternately strike the ground and hit the knob of the mallets collectively, and then commence body activities, usually circuitous and increasing themselves. Towards the ending of the dance, all the women set in rows and smack the floor very swiftly. An exclusive feature of dance is the dynamic quickness and cadenced pulse of footsteps and Tippani striding.  It is normally execute on festivals such as Holi or Diwali and on the diverse observance like wedding.

This dance form is popular among the people of Kharva and Koli habitants of the coastal region, as they dance in the form of sailor and fisherman. After a day of grueling labour, they use a rhythmic musical process to escape from the workload that is involved in their task. This dance is one of the examples of the virile dance forms of the folk dances in Gujarat.

Musical Instrument Used In Tippani Dance  :-

The wooden sticks are the main medium for producing the sounds and music in the Tippani dance by the dancers. With simple instruments like a `Turi` and a `Thali` i.e. brass plate the dancers generate the music. Dhol, Marinara and Shehnai are also the main musical gadget used to manage the cadence and pace of the arrangements.

Costumes of Tippani Dance:-

Folk costumes for the dance frequently consist of a short coat well known as “Kedia” with tight sleeves having overstated shoulders and borders, tight trousers such as the Churidars and vibrantly overstated caps or decorated turbans and a decorated waist band.

Picture of Tippani Dance :-

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