Panthi Folk Dance of Chhattisgarh

Folk Dance Panthi

Panthi Dance is one of the Indian folk dances of the Satnamis of Chhattisgarh that bears religious overtones. Performed on Maghi Purnima - the birth anniversary of Guru Baba Ghasidas, the dance is evolving still to include a variety of steps and patterns. It highlights the culture and heritage of people in the Santami region. It is the dance form which epitomizes the unique dance styles of the state that reflects the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacies of the indigenous tribal groups of the region.
This dance has been performed with great enthusiasm and zeal during the festive time. The dancers dance around a Jaitk-hamb set up for the occasion, to the songs eulogizing their spiritual head. This dance form starts in a very slow motion where the leader led the whole group. Te people follow the leader during the performance time. With the rhythm of the beats the dance movements start increasing at a great pace which in turn creates an environment of occasion where the dancers take the form of Pyramid like structure. The people who take part in this dance form are the people or member of Panthi Nritya Mandir.
The expressive body posture plays a vital role in the performance of the Panthi dance by the performers casts a magical spell on the audience. The spectators of Panthi dance remain spell bound with the marvelous presentation of unique cultural traits of the indigenous tribal communities. The traditional folk dance of Panthi fills the air with music and dance.

Panthi is one of the prominent dance forms of Chhattisgarh State in India. The Panthi dance reflects the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacies of the indigenous tribal groups of the region. Representing the vibrant and dynamic cultural life of the local inhabitants of Chhattisgarh Region

Dancers with bent torsos and swinging arms continue to dance till carried away by their devotion. As the rhythm quickens, they indulge in acrobatics and even form human pyramids.
Musical Instrument Used In Panthi :-

There are many musical instruments which are used during the performance. Drums are the main musical instruments played in the panthi dance. Performers dance on the beats of Mridanga and even on the beats of Jhanjh.

Costumes of Panthi Dance:-

The performers of Panthi dance is dressed up with colorful clothes and also wear jewellery in order to represent their happiness and enthusiasm through their dance performance to the viewers. The dresses are not so heavy as it make sense through the brightness of the clothes wore by them.

Picture of Panthi Dance:-

Video's of Panthi Dance:-

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