Kolattam Folk Dance Of Andhra Pradesh

Folk Dance Kolattam :-
Kolattam or "the stick dance", is one of the most popular dance narratives in Andhra Pradesh. The name Kolattam has been derived from Kol (a small stick) and Attam (play), describing its very nature. It is also called as Kolannalu or Kolkolannalu.  In Sanskrit, it is referred to as Hallisaka and Dandarasaka. In ancient days females dancers played Kolattam in temple halls as an offering to the Lord Ganesha.But now its also played by male dancers.

The Kolattam group comprises dancers ranging from 8 to 40 where they are grouped in pairs. . Kolattam begins with the formation of a big circle consisting of all the members of the troupe, which later splits into two, one within the other.                    

Musical Instrument Used In Kolattam:-
The musical instruments which they use to create music are mridangam, harmonium, cymbal players and few times clarinet. Each performer holds up two sticks one in each hand that are decorated with coloured strings or bells at its end. The sticks provide the main rhythm. Different verses and beats are used in the songs including prayers, duets, or tales expressing Bhakti, Sringara, Karuna and Virarasa.

Costumes of Kolattam Dance:-
The dancers of the Kolattam Dance are known as Hallisaka. They look gorgeous in their brightly colored costumes and jewelry as they speak out the words of their talas and keep in step with each other. Their skirts flow around the stage and make the ambience all the more beautiful. The men wear the anklet bells, dhoti, handkerchief over the neck and white color shirt.

Picture of Kolattam Dance:-



Video's of Kolattam Dance :-

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