Jhumur Nach of Tea Garden workers Assam

Folk Dance Jhumur Nach :-

Jhumur Nach is a famous dance form in Assam performed by boys and girls, usually tea workers working in the sprawling tea gardens of Assam. The dance form is quite appealing. The dances are performed during the autumn season in Assam. This dance is also found in few parts of West Bengal. The tea tribes of Assam state is an oldest tribe of this state, which has completed almost more than 100 years.
This tribe had been introduced the new dance form, which is known as Chah Baganar Jhumar Nach or it is also known as tea garden's Jhumar dance. Accuracy of footsteps with tight clasping on both person's waist is very difficult; but in visualization, it looks beautiful. During the trip of Assam, when one sees the tea garden, he will get the chance to see this dance performance and would be witness of this dance.
The dance gets its name from the cluster of bells worn round the ankles, which make a clanging noise. There are many variations of Jhumur. This dance is sometimes performed as a ritual worship of gods and goddesses, sometimes for courting and lovemaking, and yet again as a prayer for rainfall. This dance incorporates songs and dialogues, which depict the joys and sorrows, yearning and aspirations of the everyday lives of the common people. It is believed that Jhumur was originally a means of recreation between phases of tedious agricultural work. Probably the most entertaining form of Jhumur is the Bhaduria, performed as thanksgiving for a bountiful monsoon.
Musical Instrument Used in Jhumur Nach :-

Generally a drum, hung on shoulder; a flute and a pair of "Taal" (two metallic discs) are the main musical instruments in the dance.

The lyrics of Jhumur are built on day-to-day languages and mostly depict love and or pleasures and pains of day-to-day life
Costumes of Jhumur Nach Dance:-

The costume worn by the jhamur dancers is different from the other traditional costumes. The male members wear long traditional dresses and woman wear sarees with broad boarders. The dress is simple yet colourful.

Picture of Jhumur Nach Dance :-


Video's of Jhumur Nach Dance :-

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