Folk Dance Ali Ai Ligang of Assam

Ali Ai Ligang of Mishing Community

Folk Dance Ali Ai Ligang :-

A popular spring festival celebrated in Assam, Ali Ai Ligang is a beautiful folk dance form. This festival is linked closely with agriculture and marks the commencement of Ahu Paddy Cultivation. Mishing Community basically celebrates this festival with great fun and enthusiasm. Ali Ai-Ligang, the spring festival of the Mishing Tribe is the most colourful festival held every year on the first Wednesday (Ligange lange) of the month of 'Ginmur Polo' (February-March). 'Ali' means root, seed; 'Ai' means fruit and 'Ligang' means sow. that is why 'ceremonial' sowing of paddy starts on this day. A dance is performed by the young boys and girls, characterized by brisk stepping, flinging and flapping of hands and swaying of hips reflecting youthful passion, reproductive urge and joie-de-vivre.

On the very first day of this festival, paddy is sown in the fields displaying a ceremonial beginning of spring season. Several other activities are also performed during this festival for example, ploughing. During this festival, tree cutting is strictly forbidden.

"Poro Aapong" or rice beer, Pork and dried fish is essential for the feast. The festival continues for five days and during this festival certain taboos with respect to the cutting of trees, fishing, ploughing, burning jungles etc. are strictly observed.

Musical Instrument Used In Ali Ai Ligang:-

The Music composed for these festivals consists of instruments like the drums, sifung (flutes), cymbal, gong and gungang (gagana).

The songs of Ali-Ai-Ligang do not remain restricted to the songs of youth alone. The subjects and themes of the songs are varied. They include the life of a man, his sufferings in this life and his death. Apart from them, the songs describe the matters of individual love and affection including joy and pain. Mainly the songs of the festival speak of the various experiences of the Misings in their day to day life

Costumes of Ali Ai Ligang Dance:-

The men and women wear traditional costumes. The traditional dress of man of this tribe is "Gonro ugon" (Dhuti), "Mibu galuk" (shirt), "Dumer (Gamucha) etc. And the women wear long sarees or skirt kind of stuff and seem colourful and beautiful in their whole attire.

Picture of Indian Arts Ali Ai Ligang Dance :-



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