Andaman and Nicobar Islands Folk Dance Nicobarese

Folk Dance Nicobarese:-

 Andaman and Nicobar is home to many indigenous tribes and tribes that settled here from other parts of the world. Thus Andaman and Nicobar has an amalgamation of different cultures. Nicobarese dance is one the most important and oldest traditional dances of Andaman & Nicobar. Nicobarese dance is performed by Nicobarese who live in the Island of Car Nicobar. It is performed during the “Ossuary Feast or the Pig Festival”. Dedicated to the departed head of the family, the occasion is observed with night-long dancing in the full moonlight under the swaying palms. Feasting and good food followed by a pig fight in the morning are other highlights of the celebration. Some folk dances can also be seen during the Island Tourism festival that puts on display, the full range of cultural activities.

Musical Instrument Used In Nicobarese Dance :-
There are no musical instruments accompanying this performance as the dance is performed in a circular formation and the dancers extend their arms across each other’s back with the hand resting on the next person’s shoulder. They sing generally to accompany a dance. Both men and woman participate in the singing.

Costumes of Nicobarese Dance:- 
The dancers wear the traditional costume consisting of coconut and plantain leaves around their heads and waist. The dancers, dressed in coconut fronds, step gracefully in time, to traditional songs. Under the moonlight the waving leaves looks like a peacock dancing silently in its own rhythm.

Popular Artist & Groups of Nicobarese Dance:-
There is no such artist or groups of Nicobarese dance as it is performed by the tribal groups of the island itself. Not much is known about the dance of these tribes and hence whatever is visible to the tourist becomes something special and adds a greater value to the Indian History.

Picture of Nicobarese Dance:-

Video's of Nicobarese Dance:-

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