Badhai Folk Dance Of Madhya Pradesh

Folk Dance Badhai : Badhai is one of the popular folk dance of madhya pradesh, which is specialy very common in bundelkhand region of madhya pradesh.Badhai is performed to thank Goddess Shitala for safeguarding people from natural calamities and ailments and to seek her blessings on happy occasions like weddings and childbirth. The majority of the people in Bundelkhand worship Goddess Shitla, during calamities like floods, epidemics people pray to the Goddess for immediate relief and recovery of their beloved.   When blessings are showered and wish is fulfilled male and female dance before the Goddess Shitla with a typical rhythm to express their gratitude. This particular rhythm is known as Badhai from which this folk dance has acquired its name. Animals also take part in Badhai Nritya and in many villages, mares (female horses) are seen at such performances.
Musical Instrument Used In Badhai Dance :-The musical instruments used are Dhapla, Timki, Lota, Rantula & Algoja.
Costumes of Badhai Dance:-
Popular Artist & Groups of Badhai Dance:-
Picture of Badhai Dance:-
Video's of Badhai Dance :

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